HELIX Specialty Diagnostics is a midwest based molecular laboratory serving the long term care, assisted living markets and rural community hospitals.

What is molecular testing?

Molecular Lab Testing includes techniques, like PCR (polymerase chain reaction), that amplify trace amounts of DNA (or RNA) to quickly and accurately identify organisms in a specimen.  The process uses the same types and amounts of specimens as traditional testing techniques, but with faster results.

How long does molecular testing take?

The time from sample preparation to data analysis is approximately 6 hours as opposed to the 3-5 day process used in traditional culturing techniques. At HELIX, we publish results in Ovation (our secure portal) or deliver them directly to you using secure Fax technology for caregivers to view within 12 hours of specimen receipt.

Is molecular testing more accurate than traditional culture techniques?

Molecular Lab Testing is highly specific. It detects even a small amount of infection by looking closely at the DNA of the pathogen. It’s also highly sensitive, reducing the occurrence of false positives and false negatives. Improved sensitivity and specificity translate to better patient care and treatment plans.

Graph Source: Molecular Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infections by Semi-Quantitative Detection of Uropathogens in a Routine Clinical Hospital Setting

Anneke van der Zee, Lieuwe Roorda, Gerda Bossma, Jacobus M. Ossewaarde

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We provide rapid test results for the following:

Rehab Facilities

Urology Clinics

Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities

Primary Care Physicians

Urgent Care Centers

Community Hospitals

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