We specialize in molecular testing that allows for a fast turn-around time when caregivers and patients need it most.

Our Founders

HELIX Specialty Diagnostics founders have a combined 145 years of laboratory experience.

Our experience in the medical field helps us utilize the latest technologies and analyze and implement new solutions to support your care process.

Synergistic talents from diverse medical backgrounds with a common denominator of laboratory experience brings to life a team who are dedicated to providing the most innovative technologies.  Together, they are committed to be the change and the solution needed to impact each patient’s life. 

Teaming Together For Support

Team members are available for professional consultation and interpretation of data

At Helix, our field professionals are also your liaison to HELIX.  Becoming part of your team, your Helix representative will onboard and train your clinical staff and build trust as they continue the relationship by providing the support needed as we put the patient first.  Sales reps are available to you by phone and email. We may also have a local sales force in your area to provide in-person support when needed.

Work with Helix

Working with HELIX Specialty Diagnostics means your patients, clients or residents receive the care they need when they need it.

With our technology, you’ll help prevent hospitalization and the increased stress placed upon the patient by treating your patient sooner than with traditional testing. Using our online physician portal, the clinician can review the results in real time.  An e-mail alerts staff to new results. Ovation is our secure ordering and reporting portal, accessible anywhere that you have internet access.

Together, we can make the process of diagnosis and treatment more efficient, effective, and timely.

Saving Lives

Our Team

Michael Paulsen, RN, BSBA


Direct – (816) 246-5496

Years of Experience

15 Years Specialty and General Laboratory
35 Years Sales and Management

Michael is a proven sales professional with 35 years’ experience in medical and technical markets. As the president of Helix Specialty Diagnostics, he has assembled an experienced team of laboratory professionals (with over 145 years combined laboratory experience) to meet the needs of the markets we are serving. With a team focused on being the best laboratory providing exceptional customer support and quality lab results. We are committed to leading the molecular testing market in the states and the markets we serve.

Bill Thornton, MT(ASCP), PhD

Vice President of Technology

Office – (573) 777-8600

Years of Experience

24 Years Clinical Laboratory
18 Years as Laboratory Director
12 Years in Medical Research

Bill is an experienced clinical laboratory director with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital and health care industry. He has been responsible for the overall operation, leadership, direction and administration of a clinical laboratory including the core laboratory, customer service, logistics and pre-analytics. Bill has demonstrated proficiency in all aspects of medical technology – MT(ASCP). Bringing a strong research background to the lab helps position Helix to grow as technology changes in the healthcare field. He has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. He is passionate about healthcare and the delivery of high-quality results to improve patient outcomes.

Bev Hallowell

Regional Vice President

Direct – (573) 219-6868

Years of Experience

17 Years in Long-Term Care
30 Years in the Medical Field

Bev’s specialty in lab field operations positioned her working collaboratively with facilities and long-term care corporate leaders. Trusted relationships were built as Bev focused on listening to the needs of long-term care leaders and front line supervisors. Bev demonstrated she could deliver solutions that met the ever-changing needs of new regulations and patient outcomes that was needed in the LTC market. Bev’s desire is to continue her work by delivering state of the art technology to help combat the evolving laboratory and medical needs of the long-term care arena.

Pam Isom

Regional Vice President

Office – (573) 777-8600

Years of Experience

7 Years in Specialty and General Laboratory
13 Years in Field Sales

Pam has structured her career in combining her love of education and healthcare to serve a wide array of healthcare professionals of the medical community. Furthering her experience into the sales arena allowed Pam to synergize her strengths while working with a national laboratory. Pam’s focus is to educate on the importance of lab testing for the safety and well-being of patients. Pam’s specialty is clinical education and client liaison for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities as she can help facilitate the overall improvement in the patient’s outcome.

Cooper Holmes

Regional Vice President

Office – (573) 777-8600

Years of Experience

7 Years Specializing in Healthcare Sales

Starting with the Durable Medical Equipment arena, Cooper provided timely needs to customers ranging from long-term care facilities  to family practices. In working this arena, Cooper was able to see firsthand, the need for dependable and improved delivery of laboratory services. Combining his sales experience and biology background, Cooper was able to work with several well-known national laboratories.  These opportunities allowed Cooper to educate the medical community in his network on the advancements of cutting-edge laboratory technology so patients could be treated more efficiently and effectively.

Cathy Thornton

Regulatory Compliance

Office – (573) 777-8600

Years of Experience

44 Years in Laboratory Medicine
30 Years in Laboratory Management with an Emphasis on Regulatory Compliance

Cathy’s experience in Compliance oversight includes Laboratory Quality Metrics and Accreditation standards, Anti-Kickback regulations, Stark Law, Fraud and Abuse, HIPAA Privacy and Security, Workplace Safety for OSHA compliance. Cathy is a detail-oriented leader proficient in the development, implementation, and the auditing of processes. She has been recognized by the College of American Pathologists for participating on inspection teams for Laboratory Accreditation. Her inspection team area of expertise includes Quality Management and Good Laboratory practices.